Admission Policy

The admission policy of the school is not religious, ethnic or class based. Rather, the door of the school is opened to any candidate who passes the entrance examination.

The fact that a child obtains our school’s registration form is not a sine-qua-non that such student would be admitted into the school unless such a child passes our school entrance examination which is set and marked by a team of seasoned examiners...

School's Club

The school is aware of the fact that education goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. Several clubs are established to give students avenue to demonstrate and develop their God-given skills and potentials. The clubs include PRESS CLUB, JETS CLUB, HOME MAKERS, LITERARY & DEBATING CLUB, MATHS CLUB, ROAD SAFETY CLUB, CULTURAL CLUB, CHOIR, COMEDY, DRAMA etc.

Contact Address

7, 8, 9, Akande Close, Yemetu
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
  0803 3592 042